Who Are You

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?
– Danielle Laporte

I wrote a poem is about a person struggling inside, but shining on the outside. About a person who is possessed by this world, but doesn´t feel attached to it at all. Someone who is looking for answers, but doesn´t dare to ask, cause no one else does.

According to my own observations there is a lot of pressure to perform ruling this society. We need to function. … and why would you ask about the meaning of life.

But I tell you “Do it”. Don´t go with the flow, don´t stop caring, don´t stop looking for answers that are going to satisfy you. Don´t let insecurity tell you what to do. Please don´t let yourself miss out on the beauty of life, but instead create yourself and let yourself be loved by your creator. <3


Possessed by something,
touched by something else.
Living in freedom with your body,
but storing your soul in a dark room.
Panicking and not finding an exit,
locked and covered in insecurity.
Mistakes. Passed opportunities. Regrets. Bitterness. Reproaches.
And above all questions.
What if… ?
But the mirror of your soul has to be kept hidden.
There is hope to get the answers,
but you are not allowed to ask.
You are not allowed to complain,
and most important don´t mess up.


Wer es lieber auf deutsch lesen möchte:
Eingenommen von Etwas,
berührt von etwas Anderem.
In Freiheit mit dem Körper,
die Seele in einem dunklen Raum abgestellt.
Panisch werdend, den Ausgang nicht findend,
eingeschlossen und eingehüllt in Unsicherheit.
Fehler, verpasste Chancen, Reue, Bitterkeit,
Vorwürfe, aber vor allem Fragen.
„Was wäre gewesen wenn?“
Und „Was wäre wenn?“,
aber der Spiegel der Seele muss verborgen bleiben.
Es gibt Hoffnung auf eine Antwort,
aber es ist dir nicht erlaubt zu fragen,
es ist nicht dir erlaubt zu klagen und
vor allem, darfst du nicht versagen.

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