A year ago I wrote that song on the occasion, that sometimes I walk my way home thinking I do not feel like coming home soon even when I arrived at my house. I know the smell of the places where I lived during the last five years. But I am longing for a place which is so much like my home that I do not even notice the smell there because it is so familiar and normal that it is there. Not really being settled and not knowing where life is going to take me sometimes puts a lot of questions in my head. How will the future look like and what am I supposed to do here on earth? Deep inside me I know though that I can be confident, because one day it will be okay and if I could see the end, I would surely be more calm. So let us have confident that one day everything will be okay and let us just give it some time. [Confident: Strong belief that the future will bring good.]

Huge thanks to my amazing boyfriend who did the vocals and the guitar.

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