About parties, emotions…

… and the feeling afterwards.

The following might be a little bit provoking, but I promised to myself to kinda share life with you and to not hold back my thoughts, not even the uncomfortable ones. Cause honestly, lets be real and honest. What´s the point of life if we deny ourselves, deny our own thoughts. …

Partying is ok. It is fun, it is a good thing to celebrate. But if we party in a certain way, everybody knows the feeling of the following day. The feeling of emptiness inside ourselves afterwards. The loneliness. The yearning for more since none of the experienced emotions has the potential to last. So the thirst for more, increases with every party night, but won´t ever fill us up, but we can´t handle the gap inside us.
Let me tell you. There is more. More in Christ and He likes to get to know you and to fill the gap within you.

So I wrote the following to describe the insatiable desire and how we handle it:
The emotions reach its highest peak.
You are going with the flow and feeling light.
It´s almost like you´re not present anymore.
But it´s getting late, and no one knows how you´re doing,
Laying in your bed. Feeling empty inside you.
What seemed light yesterday, feels heavy today.
You bend under your blanket.
No desire to get up.
Lonely, you start crying and of course
hating the world.
The emotions reached its highest peak.
You went with the flow.
Nothing quits last night,
Lonely, you´re crying.


Die Emotionen haben ihren Pegel erreicht,
Du gehst mit dem Flow und fühlst dich leicht.
Doch jetzt ist die Nacht spät,
der Morgen da und keiner weiß, wie´s dir geht.
Du liegst in deinem Bett und fühlst dich leer,
Alles was gestern leicht war, ist heute schwer.
Du krümmst dich zu zusammen unter der Decke,
Spürst kein Verlangen rauszukommen aus dieser Ecke.
Du beginnst du weinen ganz verlassen,
Und im selben Augenblick die Welt zu hassen.
Die Emotionen hatten ihren Pegel erreicht,
Du gingst mit dem Flow und fühltest dich leicht,
Doch nichts macht das jetzt wett,
Das du weinst, allein in deinem Bett.

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