Poetry is like painting with words.
Like holding on to impalpable things. Like focusing on the beauty of gone days. Like catching emotions of the past on a rainy day.

Monday Motivation

Start motivated into your week!
I think we all sometimes need some bold words to get started because life can be tricky and it´s all about focus.


Let me just say this: You have a purpose and there is always a way out and a solution to every problem. In case you can´t see it at the moment, see if I can get you encouraged.


I am so glad that there is a term for all those voices in my head, so I can at least give this section a name and be able to give you an insight into my mind! Some might be deep others random.


I love love love quotes! This might develop into a collection of wise words people once said that made me think. Also I believe everyone likes quotes… if not, I might quote them.



I can not avoid stories and I would not want to. Stories are fun to tell and great to think about. Stories basically are just experiences from the present turned into past.

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